Terra Chips 2015 Commercial DP Reel Cycle Kids

"Zack Richard's cinematography contributions to my film A Letter From Home were profound. He brought a wonderful depth of experience to the project and he was both easygoing and a tremendously hard worker on location. Technically Zack is completely "hands on" and proficient. Artistically he has the eye of a painter (which he studied as well as cinematography).

"Here is a quote that I wrote about Zack in the Fall ASC (American Society of Cinematographers) Newsletter,

'A LETTER FROM HOME has been "officially selected" in more than a dozen film festivals and it has won a few awards. We have received positive feedback from many audience members and praise for our cinematography which must be passed on to my DP, Zack Richard, whom I selected for his eye and because he is a fellow Cameflex owner and shooter... Zack Richard is well versed in shooting up-to-date digital movie cameras, but is also adept in shooting in an "old school" traditional method.'

"I look forward to the next time Zack and I work together again."

Mark Kirkland: Director/ Writer/ Producer

Three time Emmy award winner